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March 17, 2010 - April 17, 2010

Until Never Gallery

Melbourne AUS



“Kmossed elaborates on the concept of individual power and the collective force of fashion, art and THEIR alluring benefits, temptations and somewhat rocky marriage.”


The World of Kmossed is creative, sexy, broke and a pressing release on the WORLD.

Whether REALLY it is a label, 
Whether REALLY it is a clubbers guide.
Whether REALLY just a snapping of the auto paparazzi; 


It photographs, documents and illuminates the best of the downtown community of Melbourne and New York between 2008 and 2010. It celebrates their style, speed and perverse dedication to constant change. 

Artists, Outfits, the integrity of celebration and the self-importance of ashphalt.
Oh, and Fashion week.

Quirky installations hang with vogue rafters. 
Heels shoot up next to legends.
Roving beauty spots crawl over favourite body parts.
Dangerous friends sieze their own i-D, spreading a clear message only a rock album could – EVIDENCE.
It’s the chaos theory on the stockmarket, the memory of nylon, the burns on hands and bells 
THAT kind of thing you only see in teenage dreams – faster, simpler, skinnier and less full of bullshit.


It’s Kmossed, at Up-Ta NEVER!

P.S L.O.V.E (picture of penis)


Where words fail, Immediate painting persuasive.

And if I suggest you enter, it means that I reach to strike a fist you on behalf as a greeting.

To me, do themselves the trouble. But at least corresponds to my head, my necklace and my titmouses.
Repeat those customers of the behaviour of nightclubs. 
Throw Squillionaires a sicky!

Prefer to have very much shaking hands of the too big reflection as the too big drink.

HEY DESIGNER! It has arrived all over!
Become a Lotus Eater, but first of all, find out what one is.
And HEY DESIGNER! It has depended once again!
And attempt not to become the smoker of opium if you do not presume to be yourselves.

Can’t you see I love Pretending to be in Pain?


Be Creator. Be good. To be bad. To be KMOSSED.

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