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rosie kavanavoch

stephanie neoh

March 5 - April 5 2008

Platform Artists Inc.

Melbourne, AUS



Rosie Kavanavoch and Stephanie Neoh collaborated in their recent double show at Platform and Vitrine as part of the 2008 L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival. KMOSSED HQ was made up of a collection of large format photographs of infamous locals in platform shoes and varying states of style. Not content with the one exhibition, Russia and Steph took over Vitrine on the opening night filling the space with fashion detritus and covering the glass in statements about the blurry but glamorous line between fashion and art. 

The artist statement for the double show says the rest:


"I stumbled in there while running for my life."


Melbourne’s underground will be filled with make-believe advertisements of models in platform shoes. These staged scenes explore parodies of high-end fashion, highlighting how accessories, images and shoes are only temporary in their blah blah there goes your rib. The presence of the shoe further unleashes the never-ending criss cross garbo style hello sailor between fashion, art and, well, heels.


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