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April 27, 2007 - FOREVER



Melbourne AUS

What would your last words be?

Who is sucking your wedding finger?

JUST FRIENDS, or friends forever?


Rosie Kavanavoch investigates the My Space world of friends, cut ‘n pasters and the public adoration-slash-destruction of idols and muses.


Loved to death, on the tear, living lives of fluoro crimes that crown your wildest times.

Somehow defying constant predictions of glamorous demise, and the rules that society and law impose on the rest of us.

Sobering spectacles, stolen goods, noirs et blancos, Chinese whispers, twenty-cent bags of mixed lollies and everyone else’s cigarettes.


A world where innocence is legal, Dolce divorces Gabana and collecting dead film stars is the common denominator.


Given access to everything one could imagine and desire, how long would you last? And could you do it with style and “IT” as your face hawked everything from Swarovski jeans to amphetamines.


Bring your pizza, make-believe dates & attractive cousins...But whatever you do, don’t invite Chanel.

Not even the Guggenheim gets THIS kind of traffic.

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