Boundless, the latest collection from Kmossed, embodies the harmony and chaos that make up our lives. These universal forces circle in a constant interplay, spiralling from, around, and encircling an entangled garden – a metaphor for our world – that binds us to everything that is and always was.  

The serpent appears as an enduring symbol of the dualities of birth and rebirth, continuation and destruction; and ultimately that of the wisdom that stems from eternal experience.  

See these silken wonders as an invitation to peel away the masks beneath which we hide; engage with the eternal; and recognise a self that sees the harmony and chaos that bind us all with a collective flame.  

Through timeless and universal themes, Kmossed draws you into this interwoven garden that ultimately shines light on the connectedness of our beings. Eternal cycles of renewal, destruction, peace, and chaos, are all possible only through the existence of the elements, and our world.  


Like a mirror onto the nature of our human existence, Boundless directly addresses the harmony and chaos that can be found within us all. 


Extended Chaos

100% silk 200x40cm Made in England