B  O  T  A  N  I  C  U  S    T  H  E  A  T  R  I  C  U  S

A  s n o w f l a k e  n e v e r  f a l l s  i n  t h e  w r o n g  p l a c e



In these images lies a hot climate snowflake. How it falls, what it touches?


A snowflake is unique, no two are alike. This expression of unrepeatable quality defines us as humans and characterizes our universe and the events in our everyday world. Yet it never falls alone. Like friendship, a snowflake needs components in order to form. This ever moving dancing descent, the spiritual counterpart in our physical universe, caught in the act of of togetherness.



How does this feathery ice crystal, this sixfold of summetry chart its fated course?

From your all- hoping to all their all- knowing,

budding and blooming, unfurling and falling,

and, though the outcome is known,

the dance continues.


Like a waltz through the seasons, these images capture the duality and the mystery of togetherness.



Snowflake Fantasia