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andrew mac

stephanie neoh

rosie kavanavoch

August 8, 2007 - September 1, 2007

Until Never Gallery

Melbourne AUS



Arena rock. Italian blue. Permed hair. 

A youthful dose of juvenile ignoring in education faith an art scene under the last well-known survivors the cruel and curious top side secret "ART" of experiments, which were led by the government in the 2007's, were rattled.

Material receives in your eyes. 
Goods looks genuine. 24 hour love. 
Sure got a lot on their lips. 
It is dead I am alive. She’s yours.
I am your temporary in their permanency. I cannot switch off. 
International CO-Korporation world speed progress. 

A second first kiss. 
No. 131495 – Blood. My shade picture is not this season. 
To the new bitumen of the Catwalk. Kind is dated, therefore you shoot it above. 
Eyeliner blessed at the mosque. The definite possibly. Uh-mazing heart beat (later). 

Ephemeral, dangerously, unfairly. 
It is the exceeding of a mountain! 
Everything our dangerous friends. 
Sweet glass cinder materials. 
Connect for us on the run. 


Per present cigarettes and several megawatts of DER within the shot-up vein of Melbourne’s art purr. 

Pissing completely over the place is not much CHANEL.

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