Kmossed invites you to be a part of the symbolic narrative that is Athena.


The latest muse of Kmossed, Athena, is arguably the most complex figure in Greek mythology: she was born from Zeus, she had no mother, she was one of the boys; she was strong, smart, skilful, and sassy. 

So much of her identity was derived from her own masculine power; she remained a natural feminist, who refused to compromise when it came to marriage, ruling independently without the need for a man in her life. 

Athena exemplifies strength, wisdom, intelligence, and was known for her crafts and skill. She succeeded in a male-dominated field. She was certainly destined for greatness. Sound familiar? When modern women step outside their limited traditional roles, they are, perhaps, contradicting the same stereotypes, following in the footsteps of the goddess Athena. 

Kmossed is passionate about female empowerment and what that means for men and women today. How do we start this enquiry? How do women and men today engage their inner feminine and awaken their inner Athena? 


By wearing Kmossed of course.


‘Warrior, Lunar, Solar Victory.

Kmossed presents Athena in a variety of colourful forms, symbolizing her many multifaced alternatives.

Suspended inside her Parthenon shell like a golden chariot – she was the Queen of Air after all – she awaits you, smoke tearing around like a hot climate warzone and the paint, the paint brushing behind, beyond, careful not to interrupt her warrior pose.

The fresco domes, the paint dyes, and in the middle is the unblinking Third Eye.
And in each corner, there’s the decisive stamp of someone putting their foot down.’

Peering into those celestial skies and that’s, that's the goddess that comes to greet you after your victory on the battlefield.'